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Adding movement to image graphics and text characters is one of the core features of 3D animation. Application programming interfaces have been created to ease the process of generating 3D animation graphics. 3D animation is works of graphic art created with the support of computer and 3D animation software. The term may perhaps also refer to the development of generating such graphics, or the area of interest of computer graphic techniques and related technology. 3D computer graphics are dissimilar from 2D computer graphics in that a three-dimensional image of geometric figures is stored in the computer for the objective of performing calculations and rendering 2D images and any such images may be for afterward put on show or for real-time presentation.

3D flash animation design had given an innovative viewpoint to websites and therefore it has gained the vital position in mounting website traffic, hence many and many organizations are emphasizing to have a 3D animation for web promotion and CD presentation. Product-oriented websites are keenly using 3D animated effect to clearly and effectively drive their online advertising campaign. 3D Arts animation has been the most innovative and most renowned way for product presentation. 3D animation is an attractive and interactive tool which has gained a lot of popularity.
Making of 3D computer graphics

The process of making 3D computer graphics can be consecutively alienated into three essential elements:

  • Content creation (3D modeling, texturing, animation)
  • Scene layout setup
  • Rendering

3D Modeling

The 3D modeling phase may possibly be portray as shaping individual objects with the intention of using it afterward in the outlook. The some of the 3D modeling techniques that are exist and used commonly, but not bound to the following:

3D Modeling consumes a process of designing or redesigning of object related to your product or service with the help of source material such as color, luminosity, diffuse and specular shading components – mostly called as roughness and shininess, reflection characteristics, transparency or opacity, or index of refraction, adding textures, bump-maps and other features.

Modeling may also comprise of a variety of activities connected to organize a 3D model for animation. A targeted object say a “spider” may be built-in with the ability of affecting the shape or movements of that object. At the 3D animation assembly stage, the spider model can also be given exact controls to make animation simpler and more innate, for instance facial expression controls and mouth shapes for lip-syncing, etc.

3D Animation

Figures are created in the computer using polygons. To allow these meshes to move they are given a digital armature (sculpture). This process is called rigging. Various other techniques can be applied, such as mathematical functions (gravity), simulated fur or hair, effects such as fire and water and the use of motion capture to name but a few.
  • Cell-shaded animation
  • Morph target animation
  • Skeletal animation
  • Motion capture
  • Crowd simulation